Excellent Education Program
Innovative Methods of Teaching

Innovative education that helps to foster a creative mindset from an early age can play a vital role in transforming many societies from low to high productivity, from poverty to prosperity from being consumers to being producers of ideas.

Learning Through Play
Devoted to the Early Education

Research demonstrates that high-quality extra school education can substantially increase children’s chances of succeeding in school and in life.

Learning Through Fun and Videos
Find a Class for your Children

Through fun, games and videos children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

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Why Choose Us ?

Expert Faculty and Resources

Role of teachers and study materials are decisive in student's development.

Individual Care and Mentoring

Students can be molded and motivated by the skilled mentors of our academy.

Guaranteed Academic Results

Once the weaknesses of the students are identified and rectified, best results are achieved.

Our Services

Imparting individual classes can bring out bright results

Systematic learning,,practice and concerted efforts win the race.

Civil Service Foundation

Thorough and basic knowledge on NCERT textbooks at school level stands as foundation wherein civil services aspirants are built on.

Library and Study Space

splendid stock of prescribed books  at arms length,calm and silent study space with ambience helps for hassle free study.

Engineering Tuition

Learning from experts and skilled teachers make the engineering subjects enjoyable and easy.

Aptitude embedded on each students are identified,trained and motivated individually by the experts.

What parents speak about us

  • "The tutors are extremely professional"

    All the tutors are extremely professional and so very friendly. All the teachers have a way of making each individual child feel they are the special one. Harini remembers more information because of the patience and attention which she always receives

    "The tutors are extremely professional"
    Rohini Iyer
    Parent, Harini
  • Best coaching with individual attention

    Since attending E Square my son has had his thirst for learning rekindled! He started E Square at a time when he had been feeling less enthusiastic at school and E Square revived his interest and motivation. Special thanks to Jijo sir.

    Best coaching with individual attention
    Indu Manoj, Parent
    Manuvind, Class X
  • We would recommend thoroughly!

    My son has been attending E Square classes for 2 years and has grown in confidence and has greatly improved in his studies. The service I have been provided has been very good.Vishnu sir, Shammy sir, Anita teacher and the friendly staffs always make him feel so welcome. I myself know that my son’s education has been enhanced by coming to E Square.

    We would recommend thoroughly!
    Sherin, Parent
    Sahil, Class X
  • Best of its kind

    The best place to learn. The ambience is so good that we feel to see start learning as soon as we enter. There are students preparing for civil service exam and their motivation gives me a good positive feeling to keep learning.

    Best of its kind
    Aishwarya Babu, Student
  • " Gradual progression in learning"

    ‘The gradual progression in learning is really well suited to my daughter, she feels very comfortable working in the centre. I wish she could come every day!’

    " Gradual progression in learning"
    Parent, Shilpa
  • The quality of teaching and the feedback provided is very high

    The tutors are friendly, enthusiastic, caring and always helpful. They communicate really well with the students and find time to cater for their individual needs. Arya teacher and Akhil sir need a special mention here to complete his syllabus in fast and understandable way

    The quality of teaching and the feedback provided is very high
    Manoj , Parent
    Athul , Class X
  • "Best classes I ever had"

    Best tuition center. Best teachers. Best infrastructure. Best collection of books for learning. learning was made so easy. Best classes for Physics, chemistry and Maths especially. Best place to have fun and learning. I got best individual class from here

    "Best classes I ever had"
    Kailas Krishnan, Student
    Class XII, St Mary's school
  • "A solid foundation"

    Megha has been able to consolidate and fully understand work which she is doing at school. The extra coverage of the same topics has given her a solid foundation when moving on to more advanced concepts.

    "A solid foundation"
    Binu, Parent
  • "Progressed by up to half a school year in both literacy and maths"

    We considered tutors for our two boys but were put off by the formality and school-like atmosphere. In the first three months since joining E Square our children have progressed by up to half a school year in both literacy and maths. The children positively look forward to attending sessions, the tutors make learning fun and we struggle to get them to leave!

    "Progressed by up to half a school year in both literacy and maths"
    Khan, Parent
  • "Confidence in using different maths techniques to solve problems"

    Roopa’s confidence in using different maths techniques to solve problems has really grown since she has been coming to the centre. The benefit of working in smaller tutor groups is immense. The tutors are really upbeat and their enthusiastic approach really engages the children.

  • "Tutors has offered us an encouraging prospect"

    The friendliness of the tutors has offered us an encouraging prospect as my son is now more open to learning and more excited about it. He is happier about learning, especially in maths as that was a subject he lacked confidence in

    "Tutors has offered us an encouraging prospect"
    Parent, Mithul Manoj
  • "Has moved up a set in maths"

    To say I am happy with the progress my daughter has made over the past year at E Square would be an understatement. Now at high school she is coping so well and has moved up a set in maths and I believe this is due to her hard work and the excellent help from E Square Learning.’

    Parent, Arpitha
  • It makes her feel good about herself.

    (The tutors) are always very friendly and patient with the students. When my daughter comes here, she gets lots of praise and comes home enthusiastic and feels that she’s done well.It makes her feel good about herself.

  • "pleased with the progress"

    I’m very pleased with the progress Afsal has made. The E Square staff are friendly, helpful and approachable. It has improved his confidence, he now completes his work at school, does his homework without having to be reminded and he enjoys it more.”

  • "the tutors are excellent."

    I have to say that one of the reasons we joined E Square Learning was the atmosphere. It’s lively, and my daughter is happy and the tutors are excellent.

  • "pleased with the progress"

    Our son now enjoys learning.  He doesn’t get upset if he doesn’t understand something straight away anymore.  The tutors understand his needs and encourage him.